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The is pictures of the different equipment in the shack. Not exactly left but more all over. Again any serious operator in the Amateur Radio Service can never have too many radios. Many of the radios shown in these pictures are discussed in detail else where in this website.

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The Gold Dust Twins, SC-101, 32V2, 51J4, Behringer Tube Ultragain, ART 351 Equalizer, Behringer Ultragain Digital Voice Processor

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R390A, CV-591A, Speakers, couple of Hallicrafters speakers, KWM-1, 516F1,312B1, Drake, Swan Mark II Amp

AM Operating Position


R-390A Position


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Collins A-Line 75A1, 75A2, 75A3, 75-2A, R391

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SP-600, Swan 500, Swan 700CX, Collins 310B-3

A-Line Receivers
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51J4,32V2, CE-MM2 Monitor
click to enlarge 651S1 Covered, Heath Monitor,Swan 700S, Swan 350B, Swan ST-3, MFJ, etc.
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, Drake L7, TR7A,RV75,etc.
Hallicrafters SX110,HT-37 (working on the amp HT41)


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