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National Radio has a rich history in the Amateur Radio Service that started with the WW II products used in the US Navy. An early model FB-7 - preWW II is featured below. Two of the better known examples are the HRO-60 - very popular during the 50's and 60's and the NC-303 that eclipsed the HRO-60.

HRO-60 Receiver

NC-303 Receiver

FB-7 With Preselector

FB-7 Inside
FB-7 info - In 1933 it cost $55. The unit did not have a RF stage so the Preselector was a popular addition. It used 5 coils and 7 tubes to cover 1.5MHz. to 20 MHz. Band changes required the operator to unplug and plug the new band coils. Probably a 15 minute QSY.

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