The original HRO was introduced in 1935. The HRO-60 was the last of the tube enabled HRO's. This unit is the definition of "Boatanchor". The steel chassis unit weighs about 65lbs. This unit fit the 50's art deco styling with class. I was amazed to find this beautiful receiver in such immaculate condition. It was obviously well taken care of.

The antenna recommendations were to employ an antenna transmission line of 70 ohms or more. The ideal is 300 to 600 ohms. The owners manual recommended a doublet of 50 to 100 feet. This receiver has a B+ (high voltage) switch to disable the high voltage when changing coil sets.

The obvious center stage component of the receiver is the unique dial. All of the HRO receivers included this dial in the center of the front panel. The HRO manual refers to this dial as the "Main Tuning HRO type micrometer dial". It was certainly the signature of the HRO receiver and give 12 feet of scale. The dial assembly allowed a more accurate presentation of the frequency.

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Crystal calibrator is the rectangular box, rear left

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