The R-392/URR is the receive component of the Korean War AN/GCR-19 vehicle mounted transceiver system. This unit was manufactured by Stewart Warner. A number of these units were manufactured by Collins (The reason I put it this section) This unit has not been restored (didn't think it needed it). I operate it on a home brew 28VDC power Supply.
Receiver: R-392/URR provides continuous tuning and calibration every 100 kHz throughout its range. The R-392/URR receiver: covers 0.5-32 MHz in 32 bands Operating accessories: Mount, MT-851/GRC-19; Mast Base, MP-65-B; Microphone, M-29/U; Headset, Cord CX-1334/U; Headset electrical, H-113/U; Key Telegraph, KY-116/U. The T-195 transmitter: supports 1.5-20 MHz in 10 bands, . Vehicular mounted. Transmits and receives CW and AM (voice or tone) in the MF and HF range. Provides RTTY when used with frequency-shift exciter and converter equipment. Capable of simplex, duplex, or radio repeater operation. The transmitter component  T-195/GRC-19 has power output of 100 watts; 8 autotune channels of which 1 is manually preset. The complete unit is 13.2 inches high x 33.9 inches high x 14.3 inches deep and requires 22-30 vdc. Gross weight 260 lb., volume 18.5 cu ft. TO: 31R2-2GRC19, TM 11-5820-295-10. NSN: 5820-030-0155. Major components: T-195 and R-392 . This is a well defined boatanchor.
 The LU-166/U Speaker

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