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Hammarlund became a special manufacturer to the Amateur Radio Service when they introduced the SP-600-JX. This web site gives accolades to a number of equipment manufactures. This receiver would have won an Oscar ( if they did that sort of thing) in 1950. I was introduced to this receiver by my "Elmer" Marty Floyd (don't remember his call). Marty was into 6 meters. I was astounded to hear  Japan on a big 6 meter opening (in San Antonio).  I was 10 years old but I still remember slowly turning that big receiver knob with awe (the velvet touch). The SP-600-JX is definitely one of the classic American manufactured receivers and was certainly high tech when introduced . This unit has been restored by Rick Mish. What beautiful work, his craftmanship is very apparent.
       A number of SP-600 types were manufactured through 1972. In retrospect it is quite amazing for the long run of 22 years for this and similar units. This receiver is described in more detail in the following pages.

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