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T he Hallcrafters products have always been interesting to me. I just recently joined the Hallicrafters Collectors Association (See the LINKS page ). My first experience was with the SX-101 and then later the SX-115. Obviously there is much difference between these two receivers. The SX-101 is the boat anchor collectors "boat anchor" weighing in at 74 Lb. Both of these receivers were innovative when they were introduced. These pages describe these two great receivers and the Hallicrafters transmitter component of my station. The HT-37 transmitter with the HA-2 transverter for 2 meters and the HA-6 transverter for 6 meters are discussed in the section. The following is a short dissertation of the history of Hallicrafters.
                 Hallicrafters founder William J. Halligan was born in Boston, Mass in 1899. Halligan's first job at age 16 was as a wireless operator. He was in the Navy during World War I aboard a minesweeper in the same capacity. After the war he attended engineering school at Tufts Collage and West Point. In 1925 he became sales manager for a radio parts distributor. In 1928 Bill Halligan started he own company in Chicago, Ill. The name Hallicrafters came from a combination of Halligan and "handcrafted". After a few years of business problems (bankrupts, mergers, etc.) the company produced the first true production receiver the SX-9 "Super Skyrider".  Later came the HA-4 transmitter and World War II. The HA-4 migrated to the famous BC-610 used extensively in WWII. Obviously the war created a market demand for communication technology and Hallicrafters make an impact. After the war the company focus changed to civilian applications of which ham radio was one of the market components. The picture to the right is competitive system to the Collins S-Line.  For more information about this illustrious man and company see the LINKS Page.

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