This is more of an explanation page than a disclaimer page but please read the following.

1. Because it is written here (in the web site) does not mean it is correct.
2. If you are a restoration guru do not be offended for not being mentioned here. I have mentioned only people that have worked on the equipment shown in this site. My links page refers to the collectors associations that make recommendations to the general population. I am not qualified to make recommendations.
3. Occasionally I mention a price or price relationship and the follow the comment with a date. Example (08/00) = August, 2000. At the date indicated I believed the price information to be my best guess.
4. This site was designed to support IE 3 and above. The design was meant to cover the largest audience possible. The site is not a Shockwave site. Give me a couple of months. OK - stop smiling.
5. If some of the pictures have a little color distortion (green artifact typically) it is from the JPEG compression algorithm I used. I went for fast download, accepting some distortion so my colleagues with 28.8 Modems could enjoy the site.

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