The antenna system consists of a single Rohn 45 tower 94 feet. The mast is 20 feet of high grade quarter inch wall tubing. This structure support seven antennas:
1. 16 element Cushcraft 2 meter.
2. 9 element 6 meter Cushcraft.
3. Telerex Monarch tribander. This antenna had not been up before and is a monster triband, The middle of the boom is 4.5 inches. I probably could not afford this puppy if it were manufactured today. The AEA HF analyzer indicates this is a low VSWR antenna on all supported bands.
4. 6 meter, 2 meter, 70CM. Comet vertical side mounted on the tower.
5. All band 160 through 10 meters including WARC long wire by Electro Dynamics (not up in this picture).
6. Force 12 4SXL side mounted on a TIC Ring Rotor. This is a great rotor and is plenty strong to handle any beam manufactured today. When we put the TIC up a helper who weighed 150 Lb. stood on it as it rotated. I was impressed.
7. Number 7 antenna is really part of number 6. The 2 element 40 meter beam has a separate coax.

All antennas are connected with LMR-400 coax. The top rotor is a Big Boy PST-61 rotor. The guy and supports are interesting and picture is included HERE. The guys are Phillistran and therefore nonconductive. I CO-designed the antenna system with Charles Nations. He erected the system with a little help (not much). Charles Nations is meticulous in his work. He erects safe antennas that work. He is pictured here on the antenna.

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