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Most of the equipment in this collection is Winged Emblem. This equipment was manufactured under several logos - Collins Winged Emblem, Collins Round Emblem and Rockwell Round Emblem. Not all types of equipment were manufactured under the three logos. For example, you will not find a Round Rockwell emblem KWM-1.  Obviously a consideration of value is how rare the unit is. The round logos are more rare. Round logos will have more recent Engineering Change Notice (ECN's) installed (The last to be manufactured). Almost every product had recommended "Service Bulletins" published. It is nice to know that all updates have been made to an acquired piece of equipment. One way to assure that the "service bulletins" have been installed is to send the S-Line equipment to Dennis Brothers and allow him to do his magic.  Another consideration is condition. Obviously you can have a Winged Emblem Unit that is more valuable than a beat up Round Emblem unit. There is much discussion of this in the reflector archives. See the links page. I have placed equipment other that S-Line in this area (KWM-380, KWM-1, etc). to keep the site from being too complicated.

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